Announcing “Just Blurbs”, a pithy new imprint

Open your favorite book and you are likely to find an extended “Praise for” section among the front-matter, reassuring you—for you had your doubts—that the book you hold in your hands is worthy of your attention. You feel relieved to be among such company, perhaps even an undue pride, as you may have even bought the book in question of your own volition, finding yourself, upon examining the jacket copy, in a good-taste club that no doubt includes Susan Sontag.

It is with this thrill in mind that we announce “Just Blurbs”, a new imprint from Sublunary Editions featuring dedicated volumes of blurbs—those pithy, effervescent endorsements devoid of all context—of famous works of literature, giving readers the distilled experience of actually having read the work in question.

We will be focusing our energies at first on classic works of literature, as they most suffer from a lack of contemporaneous blurbiage. We have carefully selected blurbs from subsequent volumes of letters, criticism, essays, and diaries, expertly excising them from their original contexts, and delivering them to you in chapbook form. Our first volume will focus on Laurence Sterne’s landmark The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, with choice cuts from Thomas Jefferson, Nietzsche, Voltaire, and more. You can read a selection from Just Blurbs No. 1 here.

Pre-orders open soon.