Master noirist Yves Ravey comes to English with Clémence

Sublunary Editions is pleased to announce that we will be publishing Clémence , a brief novel by French writer Yves Ravey, translated by Emma Ramadan and Tom Roberge. Clémence marks the first appearance of Ravey in English.

Clémence, a novel of building suspicion and looming violence, artfully uses stark language to make us uneasy at how quickly we’re pulled along—it’s a one-sitting book if ever I’ve read one—but also how quickly we’re inured to the violence, and in particular violence against women, around us. Look for more details in the months to come.

Yves Ravey is a French novelist and playright. His novels include Bureau des illettrés, Alerte, and Le Drap, for which he won the Prix Marcel-Aymé in 2004.

Emma Ramadan is a literary translator of poetry and prose from France, the Middle East, and North Africa. She is the recipient of a Fulbright, an NEA Translation Fellowship, a PEN/Heim grant, and the 2018 Albertine Prize. Her translations include Anne Garréta’s Sphinx and Not One Day, Virginie Despentes’s Pretty Things, Ahmed Bouanani’s The Shutters, and Javad Djavahery’s My Part of Her. She is based in Providence, RI, where she co-owns Riffraff bookstore and bar.

Tom Roberge is co-owner of Riffraff bookstore and bar in Providence, Rhode Island. He learned French as a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar and was formerly the Deputy Director of Albertine Books, a French language bookstore in New York.